online employee deputy record keeping

Produkt: SaaS* for online employee deputy record keeping

(* Software as a Service)

Offer: InLook system® Excellence
Valuation: EuroCloud Slovakia Award 2014
Presentation: Online employee deputy record keeping

Let’s win together with us. Our award-winning innovative solution won the „Best Business Impact by Cloud Services“ category within EuroCloud Slovakia Award 2014 competition. It will help you improve the organization performance and streamline the management knowledge and expertise.

A supervisor can check using the mobile device directly in field, which activities according to the schedule and on which objects the employee should work on and what are the required competences to perform the activities (work at heights, hygiene certificate, driving license etc.). Based on this information, the supervisor assigns suitable employees for deputy in the given day and specifies the allocation of the total deputy time. The system itself determines the wage in EUR based on given methodology and data from relevant cost center.

By employee deputy record keeping we mean:

  • detect employee presence / absence at workplace,
  • define which employee will deputize for other absenting employee (it can be more employees as well with different deputy allocation),
  • specify scope of work and number of hours of deputy for absenting employee,
  • check required competence (validity of license),
  • calculate the wage for deputy,
  • generate the monthly accounts of time and attendance at the end of month in required form (reports and batch files) linked to the personal and wage system.

Streamlining of this agenda is based on application of SaaS solution. By using a mobile device with internet connection, the supervisor finds a relevant employee in systemization of functions and records his absence in the “time and attendance” agenda directly in the field, not after his return to the office.

Further streamlining of SaaS solution lies in lowering the time demand:

  • The supervisor doesn’t process the agenda of employees in bulk at the end of the month, but records the absence of employees and the deputy on the relevant day (1st to last absenting employee including deputy for 1st to last day of deputy).
  • To all non-absenting employees the timesheet is filled out automatically based on the prescript.

By using SaaS solution the overview of employee performance and cost of work during the month will be improved and the ability of unauthorized data manipulation will be decreased (the correction of data in case of errors can be performed by authorized person only).
The advantage of this solution is the direct financial effect, achieved by immediate reaction on problems that has arisen in operations by taking more effective actions still during the current month, compared to the situation, when data are processed all at once at the end of month.

To initialize the InLook system Excellence application demo use following parameters:

Mobile devices with Windows, iOS, Android
User: EuroCloud\demo
Password: demo16

Demo applications: online employee deputy record keeping
CAUTION: The language from menu (English, Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Russian) needs to be selected before starting of the application.

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