Test your Private Cloud

Dear Sirs and Madams,
To facilitate a successful implementation of process management principles, the company INTER M & K, ltd. offers you and your organisation an opportunity to test the InLook system cloud services. You can test in the area of organisation management:

  • systemisation of work positions,
  • skills required from employees,
  • administrated documentation,
  • structured database of activities.

If you are interested, we will create test database in the Private cloud for you. This will allow you to test the advantages of the special module ALLOCATION. The module is designed for optimisation of human resources in the process of managing the tasks that result from technological standards, and are allocated to specific technologies and locations in the real time.


Technological standards (normed codes of operations – activities).
List of technology items/ infrastructure by locations.
Organisational entities, including systemisation of work positions performing activities as in the point 1.


Normed capacity of human resources for specific technologies in given locations, including work evaluation


  • At structural organisational changes, real fluctuation or at replacing absent employees, only the names change, work range stays constantly allocated to a specific technology or agenda.
  • Determination of an appropriate number of work positions for a specific technology at a specific time period.
  • More efficient work organisation and less hazardous work environment at organisational changes.
  • By applying the solutions of cloud computing you will pay only for the things you really use.

We believe that the cloud services will help make organisational changes planned by your organisation more effective.

We look forward to our cooperation,
Yours inlooksystem team

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