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Accordent units enable capture of video and audio recording synchronized with graphical presentations from external devices. They create on-line and on-demand presentations, which can be published in the web environment. The main characteristic of the Accordent units is the cost minimalization and mainly time demand minimalization, associated with creating and managing of records and ensuring of their immediate accesibility from distant locations over the internet.

Sample presentations captured with the Accordent Capture Station are available on-demand via the following links: Education system

Accordent Capture Station

Activity diagram

  1. Various graphical, video or presentation resources can be used while presenting.
  2. Rich Media Recorder synchronizes video, audio and graphical outputs.
  3. The presentation can be directly inter-connected to various types of outputs. The recording can be directly published to CD, USB or server.
  4. The use of server ensures the on-line publishing, archiving and agenda.



Accordent multi-presentation unit processes VGA, video and audio signal. It processes all these kinds of signals and creates an on-line or on-demand presentation, which is published on the web and is browser and platform independent. The unit works fully automatically and doesn’t require any technical service or difficult settings. The presentation can be followed on-line or they can be recorded. Inputs: VGA, S-video, audio

Accordent Capture Station – Mobile Edition Accordent Capture Station – Room Based


The output data from the recorder can be recorded on CD/DVD media that can be directly distributed. The software required for the playback is already included in the data. If the output data are streamed to the data server, it is possible to watch the presentation in the real time over the internet or intranet. It is also possible to watch the presentation later on-demand, if the data are stored on the server. You can then watch the lectures, you couldn’t attend and you couldn’t watch on-line in the real-time over the internet either. The number of recorded lectures is limited only by the capacity of the disc storage on the server.

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