Accordent Media Management System

The Accordent Media Management System (AMMS) is the industry’s first platform for managing, securing and measuring the effectiveness of rich media communications on an organizational scale. Adopted by corporations, government agencies and educational institutions, the AMMS uniquely delivers a centralized online communications and management infrastructure for ingesting, organizing, searching, publishing and securing multi-level access to presentations created with Accordent rich media creation products (Accordent Capture Station™, Accordent PresenterPRO™ and Accordent Engage™) as well as to other multimedia communications, including web-and video-conferences.

Accordent Media Management System™ – Express

ACMM Express is a complex turnkey solution which includes 1U HW solution with pre-installed AMSS. AMSS Express includes pre-configured Accordent software, as well as application, database, streaming and web servers for “plug-and-play” installation.

Manage, Organize, Se cure Co ntent Automatically

Organizations use AMMS Express to convert their growing media libraries into a centralized, searchable portal where viewers can quickly locate and play back relevant information.

Webcast Live and On-Demand with Confidence

Live webcasting is embedded in the pedigree of AMMS Express, capping a decade of webcasting excellence that has made Accordent the top choice in enterprise webcasting platforms. The AMMS automates the many time-consuming steps required to stage a mission-critical live webcast, from event scheduling, to viewer invitation, notification and reminders, audience registration and viewer tracking, and creating the on-demand version of the event to extend the “long tail” value of important meetings, training sessions, events or lectures.


  • Branded Portal – All assets are protected, organized and made searchable via a custom-branded, searchable portal
  • Viewer Tracking – Track who watches which presentation, duration of viewing, and interaction including test and survey reponses
  • Secure Assets – Sophisticated back-end controls let clients control which viewers have access to what presentations
  • Viewer Reporting – Report on viewers by group, location, presentation and more; correlate viewing with improvements in productivity, training or learning outcomes
Accordent Media Management System™ – Express
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