The issue of process management in public administration (Košice 14. 10. 2011)


Czech company for system integration (ČSSI) and Department of Information Technology, The University of Economics, Prague in cooperation with the Institute of Business and Management, Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnology in Technical University of Košice and IINTER M & K, Ltd., invite you to the workshop: “The issue of process management in public administration”, within the Czechoslovak cycle of open workshops.

Meeting time: 14.10.2011 od 13:15 hrs.

Aula Maxima, Technická univerzita v Košiciach
Letná 9, Košice


Process view of the municipalities – meaning, principles and procedures.
Je tzv. e-Government cestou ke skutečné efektivnosti veřejné správy, nebo pouze dalším způsobem dolování veřejných zdrojů?
(prof. Ing. Václav Řepa, CSc., Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics,
The University of Economics, Praha, CZ)
The position of superintendent in the hierarchy of responsibilities for the running autonomy
(Ing. Milan Filip, Municipal Authority, Sečovce, SK)
(moderátor: Václav Řepa, Viktor Šlapka)

The work meetings held within open workshops (Czechoslovak cycle of open working meetings) lead to
developing of procedures in area of analysis, design and management processes of authorities, creation of
organization structures and management documentation using software tools. The meeting planned
approximately once in 3 months will have open agenda, which means that it is possible to further discuss
and adapt presented topics to actual needs of participants in order to detect current organizational structure
issues from practical and academic perspective. The meeting is determined for all representatives of private
and public sphere (public administration, self-government, education etc.) – managing directors, managers,
chief officers, experts and specialists and professional staff.

Way to sign:
At the meeting, you can log in on 11.10.2011

Participation is free

Professional sponsor: prof. Ing. Václav Řepa, CSc., portál OpenSoul (

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